Do you Glip?

Since the beginnings GlipMe was designed as a multilingual and localized platform. We started with Italian just to make easier to work to our testers, but we are working to English version from a long time.

Today we can announce that English version of GlipMe is up and running!

Maybe we miss some little messages, but in fact the entire user interface has been translated.

Main Web App is presented to user based on browser’s language settings. If you are using an Italian browser, GUI will be in Italian. Otherwise it will be in English. However you can switch language in every page, using the selector in top bar.

Please note that either email templates are multilingual: you can personalize them in both Italian and English (and create other languages, if you select to work with them in setup area). Our default templates are ready for English and Italian, so your contacts will receive emails based on assigned language without any effort.

Let’s Glip now! 🙂