New App to import from smarphone

Is now available the new “App” for smartphones that allows quick and easy startup of your environment GlipMe!
The application allows you to transfer the whole phonebook from your phone to your GlipMe account, including all contact details and images of contacts. The operation is fully automatic and very quick. Once completed you will be able to use all GlipMe features to manage, organize, and enhance your address book.
During import is also possible (and recommended) to require that GlipMe verifies data, requiring people to confirm/update contact details.
The application is now available for Windows Phone, by browsing directly from your phone with the name “GlipMe” or going to the store.
For other platforms, the application has not yet been released. However Android interested users can contact us to receive immediately a preview release.
Remember that for daily use of GlipMe on smartphones is not required an additional ‘App’, but simply request the Sync option, which, as explained on the new site, allows you to have on your phone up-to-date address book, automatically and without the need for any intervention.