Send my Business Card

How many times do we need to send someone our contact details? GlipMe offers a great feature to accomplish this task and send business card!

The “business card” that GlipMe sends contains photos and contact details defined in your profile, as well as a vCard that recipient can import into any program, and a QRCode that contains all your contact information and can be read from any phone.

To customize your card simply go to “my profile” area and click on your name.

You can send your BC starting from:

  1. the “my profile” page, where you may enter one or more addresses to which mail the bc
  2. the card of any your contact, in this case of course the bc will be sent to that contact

In both cases you can add an optional message, while the model of the email that is sent with the contact details is customizable as usual in your area setup.