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A little restyling

GlipMe completed a little restyling. Now you can find: – a better “last seen” contacts list – an improved search results – a new funny way to quickly select and filter contacts (creating your own lists) – a smaller page head, containing your picture and direct link to your profile (personal business card) Here a […]

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New street addresses management interface

The user interface available to manage street addresses wasn’t optimal, because it was bases on some old components of GlipMe. So we decided to create a new way to manage street addresses for contacts and companies. Basically, now you can add, edit, or delete street addresses without to leave the contact/company page. We also changed […]

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Nuova ricerca istantanea

GlipMe ha una nuova funzionalità: la ricerca istantanea. Ora in ogni pagina è possibile cercare qualcuno utilizzando direttamente la casella nella barra in alto. Una anteprima dei risultati viene mostrata immediatamente, in modo tale che sia sufficiente cliccare sulla persona o azienda che si sta cercando. Un altro modo per trovare e gestire rapidamente i […]

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New instant search

GlipMe App has a new feature: the instant search. Now, in every page, you can look for someone using the direct text box in top bar. A preview of results is immediately displayed so you can just point and click the person or company you are looking for. An other way to quick find and […]

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