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Why an other App on my phone?

Address book is one of most important feature of a mobile phone. It historically came before email, web browser, WhatsApp, and also before SMS, because every phone has born with some kind of integrated address book. Today we have different mobile platform, among them we can choose. Maybe I like Windows Phone (I like it!), […]


Sync supports Windows 8 Contacts hub

Do you like Windows 8 Contacts hub? It’s nice, but it’s not a powerful management software. So what’s the best? You can use GlipMe to manage your contacts, and to feed your Win8 Contacts hub with GlipMe data 🙂 Sync will do! So let’s activate now your free Sync and connect your Win 8 to […]

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GlipMe 3.14 released

GlipMe 3.14 has been released! This step was focused to create a better user experience, based on our users feedback. So we have introduced some important improvement in Web app interface. Now, entering your GlipMe account, you will find: a new layout on main page: now results are combined to create the “Wall of Glip”, […]

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New user panel

GlipMe Web App has a new “user panel”, that allows every user to quickly access own data and preferences. The panel allows users to control and edit their account and business card, to change language interface, and do logout. The new feature permits also to reduce commands on main bar, that now is more cleaner. […]

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