Why an other App on my phone?

Address book is one of most important feature of a mobile phone. It historically came before email, web browser, WhatsApp, and also before SMS, because every phone has born with some kind of integrated address book.

Today we have different mobile platform, among them we can choose. Maybe I like Windows Phone (I like it!), or maybe Android, or Ios, or (really maybe) Blackberry. Ok. Somebody is really proud of the platform that chose, good. So, why shall we ask to this people to buy a phone that runs the preferred platform, thereby wasting the native address book, and switch to a new one? Is the platform they have chosen so bad? Maybe, but they like it! And if this is not true, maybe they will change it.

Here there is the power of our Sync service: if you buy a phone because you like it, you simply can use it 🙂 GlipMe will feed its native address book with updated contacts. Stop. You can continue using the phone as you like, as are you are used, with the software you has paid.

Not everybody likes this. Recently, a contact management Startup with some milion $ to invest has bought a company that produces an address book App that replaces the phone native one. So it’s a really different vision and point of view. What’s the best one?

I like to be cross platform with my address book, and you?


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