GlipMe Sync 2.0 brings cloud contact management on any smarpthone

The best in class online address book that allows to receive updated data on own smartphone it’s available and it’s now free for every new user.


The new GlipMe Sync 2 service is available. Sync allows every GlipMe user to receive updated address book, personal and/or company-wide, on own smartphone.

GlipMe Sync has leading advantages:

  1. really cross-platform: you can connect a Windows Phone, Android, Apple or Blackberry device;
  2. it’s not required to install any additional “App”: GlipMe data will be loaded in phone native address book. You can continue to work as you are used, your phone will remain the same;
  3. it’s quick and smart: it will take just a minute to setup the phone, then you can forget it. GlipMe will mantain always updated the internal address book;
  4. is flexible: you can connect your phone to different GlipMe accounts. For example, a personal account with your contacts, and a business account with company-wide global address book;
  5. is reversible and safe: if you disconnect the phone from Sync, your phone address book will come back exactly as it was before.

Sync 2 will update the phone a few minutes after a change in GlipMe address book occurred.

Sync is also compatibile with Windows 8 Contacts Hub, Android or iPad tablets, so users can also receive updated contacts from cloud to PC or tablet.

GlipMe can be activated on