The desk

We are really happy to announce a new GlipMe feature. This was widely requested by our users, and it’s now available: the desk.

What is the GlipMe desk?

It’s really simple: it’s your desk, where you can put your contacts (either people or companies), and work on them.

What can you do on the desk?

You can edit multiple contacts with a single operation. For example, you can MERGE many contacts into a single one. Or you can batch delete a list of contacts. Or you can apply a TAG to multiple contacts with a single click.

How does it work?

Just make some search on GlipMe Wall, the main page. Then simply select one, or more contacts. A new command will appear on your tilebar: “add to desk“. Click it, and selected items will be added to your desk. Then you can make an other search, using different criteria, select other items, and add them to the desk again.

When you have on the desk items you need, click “desk” on the top bar. You will go to your desk, where you will find every contact you selected, and commands to edit them.

How can I merge contacts?

You can merge multiple people, or multiple companies, into a single one. Put them on your desk, and access it. Then, select the “target contact” of the merge. This is the contact that “will survive” the merge operation, receiving data from others. Please select just ONE target contact: the “merge contacts” command tile will appear on the bar.

Any other resources?

Of course: we have a demo on our youtube channel.

Any other ideas?

Of course, stay in touch on our twitter account 🙂

I mean: I have some ideas… 🙂

Great: comment this post or contact us using the option in your GlipMe account.