Sync 2.1: from phone to GlipMe (without apps)

GlipMe Sync is great because allows you to find the updated personal or business address book in your smartphone. Do you need a number or email address? Here there is. Someone is calling you? You know who is, even if someone else in your company has inserted the contact.

Today you can insert a contact in your phone, and find it in your personal, or company, cloud address book!

Just add a new contact to your smartphone. Android? Ok! Windows Phone? Ok! iPhone? Ok? Blackberry, iPad, other tablets? Ok, ok, ok! No problem! Now wait: the new contact will be imported in your GlipMe. Did you insert it to your company account? Great: the new contact will be available to all people in your company. Either on their smartphones, Win 8 people hub, GlipMe Web app, company Groupware, etc.

I was forgetting: you don’t need to install a new “app” or change the integrated phonebook. Let our competitors to ask this. GlipMe is cross platform and doesn’t require new “apps”. You are free. You have the power to choice.

Seems easy? Yes, it is. Seems powerful? Yes, it is. Seems great? Yes, it is.

We have a new video that can explain Sync 2.1: