Two-way Sync

We’re proud to announce that Sync 2.5 now supports two-way synchronization between GlipMe and any mobile device!

So, what does this mean?

  1. Start GlipMe Sync: you will receive your full address book on any device, for example Android, iPhone, Windows Phone o BB, either smarpthone or tablet.
  2. Add a new contact using your mobile device: you will find it in your GlipMe and all others connected devices.
  3. Edit an existing contact using your mobile device, for example add a photo you take to someone using your smartphone. You will find the updated data, and the photo, in your GlipMe.
  4. Delete a contact from the phone, it will be deleted also from GlipMe.

It’s really great and powerful, isn’t it? And, as usual, everybody in your workgroup (if are using a Business account) will receive your updates.

As always, you can have, and now also manage, your contacts everywhere you need, without to install any additional “app” or change your habits. Using GlipMe you are free, GlipMe is your cloud address book that is available everywhere.

A note about contacts deletion: it’s disabled by default. This will prevent accidental deletion from the phone. Users can enable it from their “Sync” options in Web App.