One subscription, many users

There are a lot of subscription models for SaaS service, and also many in contact management services. But only GlipMe has an offer that is really “business oriented”. Why? Because we have different “Business” and “Professional” subscriptions. The Professional is great for a single power user, and the Business is great for companies or work groups. With a single Business subscription a work group can enable many users to work with GlipMe, sharing contacts and address book, and receiving many other services that enhance team work. One subscription, many users. Or, if you prefer, pay one, receive many benefits.

Do competitors offer the same? It seems they don’t.

Most of them propose a user-based service, and subscriptions. It’s a sales model that reflect a service that is focuses around the single user, but that has poor value for teams (just some “share my address book” feature). Some other has an offer that, I suspect, is based on a “catch users” business model. They are startups that are spending ventures capital funds, creating a service, and they need to grow the big users counter they have on the wall. Nothing else is important, so sales offer is not clear, and always they have a per user subscription model.

So when you evaluate a SaaS service for your business, please consider how services are proposed. A “one subscription, many users” business profile is good, and means that service has an offer for work groups. A “one subscription, one user” reflect a service that is not so business oriented, and also it can be really expensive (how many users can you start on other services with same budget of a GlipMe Business subscription? 20 as GlipMe offers?). A service that has not a clear price list, that try only to have you as new user and then “maybe” you will find a price, is not a serious commercial service today. Try again after some years. But business cannot be based on a “maybe” service.

P.S. if you need GlipMe as a single user you have Business and Personal subscriptions, that will fit your size 🙂