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PBX API in FreePBX / Superfecta repository

GlipMe PBX API is available in official FreePBX / Superfecta repository. This means that companies using FreePBX can connect their PBX to GlipMe with just a few clicks. Using GlipMe, the PBX will show caller’s name and company. The GlipMe option will available in next Superfecta release. PBX running version 2.11.14 or less may download […]

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Welcome PBX API!

We are glad to announce a new business feature to GlipMe: PBX API. This feature allows your PBX to look incoming callers up using GlipMe. It can query GlipMe every time an incoming call is received, and then show on your phone the name and the company of the caller. PBX API can be consumed […]

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Realtime sync to GMail

GlipMe integration with Google GMail has been improved. Now, when you add/edit/create a contact in your GlipMe address book, and your GlipMe account is connected to GMail, your GMail address book will be “near realtime” updated (it will take at most 10 minutes). So you are free to compose emails and work with GMail using […]

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More photos

We’ve improved our contacts photo autofill feature. This feature will insert the photo or avatar to own contacts. This improvement has added an average 12% of photos in entire GlipMe users database. Not bad 🙂 Take a look on your GlipMe main page: your timeline will show contacts updated with the new photo. As usual, […]

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