Realtime sync to GMail

GlipMe integration with Google GMail has been improved. Now, when you add/edit/create a contact in your GlipMe address book, and your GlipMe account is connected to GMail, your GMail address book will be “near realtime” updated (it will take at most 10 minutes).

So you are free to compose emails and work with GMail using GlipMe as address book in a better and powerful way.

If you didn’t connect GlipMe to GMail, you can make it now at

Please remember that:

  1. GlipMe will not read or edit your emails.
  2. GlipMe will not delete or edit other contacts you have in GMail. For example, if you are using GlipMe for business, and you also have some personal contacts in GMail, GlipMe will update your business items only.
  3. GlipMe will never be aware of your Google password: you will grant permission directly on the Google website
  4. GlipMe will not import contacts from GMail. You can import them, if you want, using your “suggested contacts” feature, but we don’t perform this automatically.

As usual, GlipMe is honest and clear in managing your data.