Welcome PBX API!

We are glad to announce a new business feature to GlipMe: PBX API.

This feature allows your PBX to look incoming callers up using GlipMe. It can query GlipMe every time an incoming call is received, and then show on your phone the name and the company of the caller.

PBX API can be consumed by every modern PBX that can query an address book via HTTP. Asterisk based PBXs, for example FreePBX, can be connected to GlipMe with a few easy steps.

Using PBX API your company will be more productive, and also can create more advanced services and reports using callers data. Anyone in your company will benefit of this service.

PBX API is available for free to every existing or new Business accounts.



If you need assistance configuring your PBX feel free to contact our customer service: we’ll help you.