LinkedIn Social Wall

LinkedIn is trying to close its users in a “social wall”. This is common to every big “social companies”, eg Facebook, that have created a closed garden, filled in with an aura of openness and sharing, then created a business based on users’ data. Now they are creating walls to close users (data) in an oligopoly of “your life manager”.

This is normal. This is one of the reasons because we didn’t trust in a this “Web social world” and in companies that live using our data.

So, what does this mean? Simply that LinkedIn and Facebook (together), the last month, have closed their APIs, that are the doors that has allowed other services to exchange data with them. This is not a big trouble for GlipMe users: we have not activated integrations with Facebook (for a lot of reasons), and we activated  just an integration with LinkedIn that has not the goal to read or update contacts data.  We are not a social sites aggregator, and we will not import data in users address book, if our users will not select and approve them. So the new LinkedIn wall will affect only a little service that we did provide to our user, and is not a a trouble. Other services will pay a lot to provide integrations, or will close, but this is not a problem for us and our users.

So, the lesson is: be care to trust this “Web social world”. Put your data where you will control them, and maybe where you buy a service with real money. If you buy that service by paying with your data, you didn’t find a great offer or service.


P.S. Walls fall. The strength of who builds a wall today is its weakness of tomorrow.