GlipMe for Business: sales sample

GlipMe is great for business scenarios, where you need to manage company-wide contacts, and support typical business processes. We created a simple video to explain, for example, how you can use GlipMe features to manage sales scenarios.

In this scenario you can:

  1. archive new prospect’s contacts: you will never lose them, and you can create new opportunities [GlipMe core feature]
  2. trace an incoming request for quotation [posts feature]
  3. trace the offer you send to the prospect [posts feature]
  4. set a reminder to follow up [reminders feature]
  5. be alerted and follow up the offer when it’s time to go on [reminders feature]
  6. track services you sold to the contact [GlipMe core feature]

GlipMe has a lot of feature to support your business, and it’s not complicated and hard to use as many specific applications (eg. CRM).