Sync to Office 365

Are you one of 100 million users of Microsoft Office 365? Today you can sync your GlipMe address book to Office 365, with just a click.

GlipMe will upload, and update, you living address book to your online O365, so you will find contacts details when you are , for example, in your Outlook Web Access Webmail, or in your Outlook client. Updated company wide contacts will always be there where you need.

As usual, GlipMe integration is reversible: contacts will be available in a custom “GlipMe” folder, so you can delete it (with all updated contacts) if you want. And GlipMe will not change your native O365 contacts.

As usual, you don’t need any App or software: GlipMe will do everything for you.

To start O365 integration, simply go to your GlipMe “my profile” area and click to connect your account to your O365. It will not require to share any password with GlipMe, and GlipMe will ask to access you contacts only (NOT also you email.. we are different).

Enjoy 🙂