GlipMe 5.0 beta is available

GlipMe is born with a goal: provide us always up to date contacts, in our address book, available on every device or place or software we use. And what is the powerful source of updated addresses we have? Contact itself: the person that own that address. So our address book will be always updated if our contacts will provide us their data. GlipMe Autoupdate, available from the first version, was the first step, and now we are happy to announce the second: Glippers.

So what does it mean? Simply: if you Glip-Me, we will become two Glippers, and your data will be automatically available in my address book. So when you will change an address (for example your new phone number), you will update it one time only, in YOUR GlipMe, and all your Glippers will see the new data in their personal address book (and phones, of course). Easy, quick, not invasive, definitive.

My address book is filled with data that my contacts provide and update. So my address book will always be the best address book in the world 😉

Currently we are in “beta” of this new feature, so we will publish more details later. But you can start now to create your Glippers network, simply enter your account and go to “Glipper” area.

Glip Me now! 😉