No more “personal” subscriptions

We have removed the “personal” subscriptions from available service levels. We want to share with you why this news:

  1. GlipMe is a service that respect users. So we do not make money using your data, and you will not pay the service with your data. There are many competitors that provide free services, and we suspect that they will use your data to pay your service (to make marketing, to build “Data APIs”, to feed other software, and so on). Personal data is the current money. Free does not exist. Be care selecting your providers.
  2. GlipMe is not a data collector, but a service brought to you as a useful tool. So, as every tool, it come with a price.
  3. GlipMe is really powerful for companies, and professionals. Our Business and Enterprise service level are customized to this kind of users.

So it’s time to have a business oriented, powerful, service that has a little cost for business users. You can always try the service for free, and when you will decide to improve your life with GlipMe, you can start your subscription.

Enjoy 🙂