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No more “personal” subscriptions

We have removed the “personal” subscriptions from available service levels. We want to share with you why this news: GlipMe is a service that respect users. So we do not make money using your data, and you will not pay the service with your data. There are many competitors that provide free services, and we […]

What is a Glipper?

So, in GlipMe 5.0 you and your contacts can be “Glippers”. And what is a Glipper? It’s easy. I have your contacts in my address book, ok? As me, a lot of people have them. Now  you have a new email address, or phone number. Do you need to send it to everyone. And someone […]

GlipMe 5.0 beta is available

GlipMe is born with a goal: provide us always up to date contacts, in our address book, available on every device or place or software we use. And what is the powerful source of updated addresses we have? Contact itself: the person that own that address. So our address book will be always updated if […]

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GlipMe for Business: sales sample

GlipMe is great for business scenarios, where you need to manage company-wide contacts, and support typical business processes. We created a simple video to explain, for example, how you can use GlipMe features to manage sales scenarios. In this scenario you can: archive new prospect’s contacts: you will never lose them, and you can create […]

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A way to import from iPhone

We have inserted in “import” features the way you can import contacts from iPhone to GlipMe. Using this feature you can start your GlipMe account importing first contacts list from your phone (as you can do from long time using Windows Phone or Android devices). Importing from phone is useful the first time you need […]

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GlipMe has a new feature: Timeline! Timeline allows you to have a quick and easy view about what is related to your contacts. If a contact is updated, a birthday or a reminder is incoming, a mailing has been sent, etc, you will notice it. Main GlipMe page will show important timeline events. You can […]

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One subscription, many users

There are a lot of subscription models for SaaS service, and also many in contact management services. But only GlipMe has an offer that is really “business oriented”. Why? Because we have different “Business” and “Professional” subscriptions. The Professional is great for a single power user, and the Business is great for companies or work […]

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The desk

We are really happy to announce a new GlipMe feature. This was widely requested by our users, and it’s now available: the desk. What is the GlipMe desk? It’s really simple: it’s your desk, where you can put your contacts (either people or companies), and work on them. What can you do on the desk? […]

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New price list and new store

GlipMe Business and Professional have new price list. Starting from today it will be: Business: $ 15.00/month Professional: $ 5.00/month Personal subscriptions remain, and will remain, free. We have also designed from scratch the subscription experience, with a new online store available for all markets. Today every active user can upgrade the existing trial or […]

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Sync supports Windows 8 Contacts hub

Do you like Windows 8 Contacts hub? It’s nice, but it’s not a powerful management software. So what’s the best? You can use GlipMe to manage your contacts, and to feed your Win8 Contacts hub with GlipMe data 🙂 Sync will do! So let’s activate now your free Sync and connect your Win 8 to […]

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