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Sync restored

We experienced some trouble with Sync, but now all is OK. If you smartphone is not synchronized, please wait or force a sync manually, and you address book will be online.

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New Mailing released to beta users

We are happy to announce that the new “Mailing 4.0” feature has been released to beta users. Mailing is a great feature that allows companies to send mailings to GlipMe contacts using integrated GlipMe services. Contacts can be selected via “saved searches”, or imported from external sources. Mailings are created using the online interactive editing […]

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Where is “mailing”?

GlipMe 4.0 does not provide the “mailing” feature, available to selected premium Business accounts in 3.0. This does not mean that Mailing has been removed. We are working to bring it back in a great way in GlipMe 4.0. Meantime users that have enabled this service can use the old application to create and send […]

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Fixed trouble connecting to Google

We fixed some troubles experienced by some users connecting GlipMe account to Google/Gmail. The problem didn’t stop synchronization to users always connected. We apologize for the problem.  

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LinkedIn Social Wall

LinkedIn is trying to close its users in a “social wall”. This is common to every big “social companies”, eg Facebook, that have created a closed garden, filled in with an aura of openness and sharing, then created a business based on users’ data. Now they are creating walls to close users (data) in an […]

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GlipMe 4.0 alfa 2 released

We have released to internal users the alfa-2 version of GlipMe 4.0. This new milestone will fix most of new features and GUI elements for the new incoming GlipMe. This will also be the last “alfa” in our development process, so final release is now closer. Thank to our development team and to our testers […]

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Business subscription now includes 2000 contacts

We have upgraded GlipMe Business subscriptions. Now the subscription includes the first 2000 contacts. Please note that GlipMe Business subscriptions allows to create up to 20 users (each one with a personal Sync, personal user rights, etc.) so the account fee is company-based. Most of competitors have a per-user fee, so if you need even […]

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Some little troubles with Sync

During last days we experienced some little troubles with Sync. Data was not synchronized with mobile devices, or a long delay was experienced before sync completed. We apologies, now service is back to full operational. All data will be in sync in a few hours.

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PBX API in FreePBX / Superfecta repository

GlipMe PBX API is available in official FreePBX / Superfecta repository. This means that companies using FreePBX can connect their PBX to GlipMe with just a few clicks. Using GlipMe, the PBX will show caller’s name and company. The GlipMe option will available in next Superfecta release. PBX running version 2.11.14 or less may download […]

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SaaS and weather

It was a very very very rainy summer here 🙁 So we did just a few holidays and a lot of work. This will be appreciate by our customers, because we are working on a main improvement of GlipMe. So be patient and stay in touch.. 😉  

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