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GlipMe 5.0 beta is available

GlipMe is born with a goal: provide us always up to date contacts, in our address book, available on every device or place or software we use. And what is the powerful source of updated addresses we have? Contact itself: the person that own that address. So our address book will be always updated if […]

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¡Hoy con #GlipMe tu agenda (personal o empresarial) está disponible en tu propia cuenta Office 365!

¿Eres uno de los 100 millones de usuarios de Microsoft Office 365?Ahora puedes sincronizar tu agenda GlipMe con Office 365, en un santiamén. GlipMe cargará tu agenda y la tendrá actualizada con tu Office 365, así que puedas encontrar todos tus contactos dónde sea, por ejemplo en tu cuenta Outlook, bien sea a través de […]

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Sync to Office 365

Are you one of 100 million users of Microsoft Office 365? Today you can sync your GlipMe address book to Office 365, with just a click. GlipMe will upload, and update, you living address book to your online O365, so you will find contacts details when you are , for example, in your Outlook Web […]

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Google Chrome problems fixed

We solved some problems with Google Chrome, that was preventing the Web App to work well. Now it seems all ok. If you have any trouble contact our support using the “contact us” command!  

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GlipMe 4.5 released

GlipMe 4.5 has been released. In this release we have upgraded the interface engine, to provide better and more consistent experience with the Web App. We have also added new feature to the Wall, that now allows to perform more operations without to open contacts’ cards. We also fixed many problems working with the Desk […]

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Search contacts from your Internet browser

GlipMe Web app makes easy and quick to look for contacts. There are a really nice way you can use to improve this goal. Just go to your GlipMe, and take a look to your browser search textbox (here Firefox): There is “+”: you can add GlipMe as search engine. Click, then click “add GlipMe”: […]

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New Mailing released to beta users

We are happy to announce that the new “Mailing 4.0” feature has been released to beta users. Mailing is a great feature that allows companies to send mailings to GlipMe contacts using integrated GlipMe services. Contacts can be selected via “saved searches”, or imported from external sources. Mailings are created using the online interactive editing […]

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¡Bienvenidos a GlipMe!

¡Hola a todos los amigos hispanohablantes del mundo! Por fin ha llegado la versión en castellano del mejor servicio de gestión de contactos. Como bien sabéis, GlipMe permite una gestión avanzada, completa, fácil e inmediata de todos los contactos de vuestra agenda. Además estamos desarrollando la nueva versión 4.0, que estará disponible en breve con […]

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GlipMe 4.0 released to all users!

We are proud to announce that GlipMe 4.0 Beta is now public! Version 4.0 is a maior upgrade of GlipMe technologies and services, and provides a new Web App with enhanced user experience. We will explore and discover in depth new features during next weeks. This is a “Beta”, so it will take some time […]

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GlipMe 4.0 beta released

We are pleasure to announce that the GlipMe 4.0 beta has been released! This is a preview of the new GlipMe, with all features available. The beta release will be used to fix problems and to test it. 4.0 beta is available to early users that want access the new Web App even though it […]

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