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GlipMe 4.0 alfa 2 released

We have released to internal users the alfa-2 version of GlipMe 4.0. This new milestone will fix most of new features and GUI elements for the new incoming GlipMe. This will also be the last “alfa” in our development process, so final release is now closer. Thank to our development team and to our testers […]

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GlipMe 4.0 alfa released

GlipMe 4.0 “alfa” has been released to early users! What is an “alfa”? Basically is a preview of the new version of GlipMe. The 4.0 took us some time and really a lot of work, and this work is not already completed today. But now we have a working release that we’re happy to share […]

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Birthday download

Do you need to import a very important contact’s birthday in your personal calendar? We have the solution: you can now download a file containing birthday’s data, that your calendar will import. Just go to a contact card, and select the download command near the birthday.

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Welcome PBX API!

We are glad to announce a new business feature to GlipMe: PBX API. This feature allows your PBX to look incoming callers up using GlipMe. It can query GlipMe every time an incoming call is received, and then show on your phone the name and the company of the caller. PBX API can be consumed […]

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Realtime sync to GMail

GlipMe integration with Google GMail has been improved. Now, when you add/edit/create a contact in your GlipMe address book, and your GlipMe account is connected to GMail, your GMail address book will be “near realtime” updated (it will take at most 10 minutes). So you are free to compose emails and work with GMail using […]

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More photos

We’ve improved our contacts photo autofill feature. This feature will insert the photo or avatar to own contacts. This improvement has added an average 12% of photos in entire GlipMe users database. Not bad 🙂 Take a look on your GlipMe main page: your timeline will show contacts updated with the new photo. As usual, […]

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Android app

We have just published on Google Play Store the new GlipMe app for Android. As always, the app is not required to synchronize mobile devices with GlipMe (you may use GlipMe Sync, available for any platform without additional apps). It allows you to import existing address book in GlipMe account, uploading contacts details and photo. […]

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GlipMe has a new feature: Timeline! Timeline allows you to have a quick and easy view about what is related to your contacts. If a contact is updated, a birthday or a reminder is incoming, a mailing has been sent, etc, you will notice it. Main GlipMe page will show important timeline events. You can […]

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Delete a post?

GlipMe manages posts integrated with contacts management. This can empower your address book, specially in your business. The first version of this bulleting board didn’t provide any way to delete messages. This was not forgot. The idea was that posts are a track about that person or company, and this track may not be deleted. […]

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GlipMe has a new feature: contacts reminders! Reminders management is an important task, specially in business. We need to perform follow-up calls, send emails, or maybe some other kind of activity. Our business depends from to make the right action at the right time, without to forget it. You can now bind a reminder to […]