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Update contacts photo from phone

Do you know you can update the photo of a contact using your phone? Just enable GlipMe Sync, connect the phone, and edit the contact using your integrated address book feature. You can take a photo using the camera, or assign a saved image. You don’t need anything special to upload the photo and update […]

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Realtime Sync restored

Realtime Sync has been restored. Now if you edit your contacts on your phone, it will be updated in GlipMe in 10 minutes, and viceversa.

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Sync maintenance

During last week we performed some upgrade task on Sync infrastructure. Data sync between GlipMe and mobile devices was not performed as usually. Now Sync is working on the new infrastructure, and mobile devices will perform sync tasks without problem. Currently data will not updated more than once a day, but we’ll start again “realtime […]

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Android app

We have just published on Google Play Store the new GlipMe app for Android. As always, the app is not required to synchronize mobile devices with GlipMe (you may use GlipMe Sync, available for any platform without additional apps). It allows you to import existing address book in GlipMe account, uploading contacts details and photo. […]

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Two-way Sync

We’re proud to announce that Sync 2.5 now supports two-way synchronization between GlipMe and any mobile device! So, what does this mean? Start GlipMe Sync: you will receive your full address book on any device, for example Android, iPhone, Windows Phone o BB, either smarpthone or tablet. Add a new contact using your mobile device: […]

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Add contacts from phone is now near realtime

Starting from Sync 2.1 you can add a new contact on your phone (or tablet) address book, then find it in your GlipMe (photo included). Now we improved this feature: new contacts will be available in GlipMe near real-time! At most 10 minutes are required to find the new contact in GlipMe. So your phone […]

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GlipMe for Windows Phone 2.0 available on store

It is available on the Microsoft store the new version 2.0 of GlipMe for Windows Phone 7 and 8. The app has two only, important, goals: signup for a new GlipMe account (New!) import contacts from phone to GlipMe, to start the living address book We remind that GlipMe doesn’t require to install an “app” […]

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Sync 2.1: from phone to GlipMe (without apps)

GlipMe Sync is great because allows you to find the updated personal or business address book in your smartphone. Do you need a number or email address? Here there is. Someone is calling you? You know who is, even if someone else in your company has inserted the contact. Today you can insert a contact […]

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GlipMe Sync 2.0 brings cloud contact management on any smarpthone

The best in class online address book that allows to receive updated data on own smartphone it’s available and it’s now free for every new user.   The new GlipMe Sync 2 service is available. Sync allows every GlipMe user to receive updated address book, personal and/or company-wide, on own smartphone. GlipMe Sync has leading […]

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Why an other App on my phone?

Address book is one of most important feature of a mobile phone. It historically came before email, web browser, WhatsApp, and also before SMS, because every phone has born with some kind of integrated address book. Today we have different mobile platform, among them we can choose. Maybe I like Windows Phone (I like it!), […]