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Google Chrome problems fixed

We solved some problems with Google Chrome, that was preventing the Web App to work well. Now it seems all ok. If you have any trouble contact our support using the “contact us” command!  

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GlipMe 4.5 released

GlipMe 4.5 has been released. In this release we have upgraded the interface engine, to provide better and more consistent experience with the Web App. We have also added new feature to the Wall, that now allows to perform more operations without to open contacts’ cards. We also fixed many problems working with the Desk […]

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¡Bienvenidos a GlipMe!

¡Hola a todos los amigos hispanohablantes del mundo! Por fin ha llegado la versión en castellano del mejor servicio de gestión de contactos. Como bien sabéis, GlipMe permite una gestión avanzada, completa, fácil e inmediata de todos los contactos de vuestra agenda. Además estamos desarrollando la nueva versión 4.0, que estará disponible en breve con […]

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Birthday download

Do you need to import a very important contact’s birthday in your personal calendar? We have the solution: you can now download a file containing birthday’s data, that your calendar will import. Just go to a contact card, and select the download command near the birthday.

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GlipMe has a new feature: Timeline! Timeline allows you to have a quick and easy view about what is related to your contacts. If a contact is updated, a birthday or a reminder is incoming, a mailing has been sent, etc, you will notice it. Main GlipMe page will show important timeline events. You can […]

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A little makeup to company list

GlipMe is business oriented (but it’s great also for personal use!), and provides some features that competitors simply don’t provide at all, and we like to be “That Guy that makes Innovation“. For example, using GlipMe is easy to manage companies and have a clear view of their contacts: who they are, what roles are […]

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The desk

We are really happy to announce a new GlipMe feature. This was widely requested by our users, and it’s now available: the desk. What is the GlipMe desk? It’s really simple: it’s your desk, where you can put your contacts (either people or companies), and work on them. What can you do on the desk? […]

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GlipMe 3.14 released

GlipMe 3.14 has been released! This step was focused to create a better user experience, based on our users feedback. So we have introduced some important improvement in Web app interface. Now, entering your GlipMe account, you will find: a new layout on main page: now results are combined to create the “Wall of Glip”, […]

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New user panel

GlipMe Web App has a new “user panel”, that allows every user to quickly access own data and preferences. The panel allows users to control and edit their account and business card, to change language interface, and do logout. The new feature permits also to reduce commands on main bar, that now is more cleaner. […]

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A little restyling

GlipMe completed a little restyling. Now you can find: – a better “last seen” contacts list – an improved search results – a new funny way to quickly select and filter contacts (creating your own lists) – a smaller page head, containing your picture and direct link to your profile (personal business card) Here a […]

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