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GlipMe for Business: sales sample

GlipMe is great for business scenarios, where you need to manage company-wide contacts, and support typical business processes. We created a simple video to explain, for example, how you can use GlipMe features to manage sales scenarios. In this scenario you can: archive new prospect’s contacts: you will never lose them, and you can create […]

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GlipMe has a new feature: contacts reminders! Reminders management is an important task, specially in business. We need to perform follow-up calls, send emails, or maybe some other kind of activity. Our business depends from to make the right action at the right time, without to forget it. You can now bind a reminder to […]


Sync 2.1: from phone to GlipMe (without apps)

GlipMe Sync is great because allows you to find the updated personal or business address book in your smartphone. Do you need a number or email address? Here there is. Someone is calling you? You know who is, even if someone else in your company has inserted the contact. Today you can insert a contact […]

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New street addresses management interface

The user interface available to manage street addresses wasn’t optimal, because it was bases on some old components of GlipMe. So we decided to create a new way to manage street addresses for contacts and companies. Basically, now you can add, edit, or delete street addresses without to leave the contact/company page. We also changed […]

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Video introduzione ai profili

Abbiamo pubblicato un nuovo video di introduzione e sintesi dei tre profili disponibili:

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Video introduzione e Sync

Abbiamo realizzato un paio di brevissimi video che vi invitiamo a vedere: il primo è una introduzione a GlipMe, il secondo è dedicato a Sync. Introduzione a GlipMe Introduzione a Sync Entrambi sono visibili anche sul canale YouTube HugeICT

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